Mirena Umizaj, Settlement Planner and Consultant, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Orlando


Position: Settlement Planner and Consultant, Settlement Professionals, Inc. of Orlando, FL                                   


Location: Orlando, FL


Phone: 407-257-7425


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Mirena Umizaj is a firm believer in individual justice. Furthermore, she’s an individual who draws on her expertise and compassion in a wide variety of personal injury and mass tort actions. Mirena helps plaintiffs and their counsel successfully navigate the difficult transitions caused by unfortunate, life-altering events. Above all, her work is distinguished by her holistic approach to helping injury victims and mass tort claimants. Providing support designed to help them and their families with present and future needs as well as goals and dreams.

In 2013, Mirena founded Frameless Consulting, a company dedicated to assisting mass tort claimants with comprehensive legal concierge services. These include helping hundreds of clients nationwide find doctors, secure funding, coordinate surgeries and maintain updated client contact information to ensure notification of important information.

Mirena attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. While there, earning a degree in international relations and a minor in communications, both with honors. A native of Albania, one of her first jobs was working for UNICEF at the age of 16. Specifically, translating for American troops who assisted victims of genocide in Kosovo Albania. Additionally, in the U.S., she has worked for the Department of Justice and Immigration helping translate for those seeking immigration status in the United States.
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